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    Yesterday I was in Branson, MO for a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert (a fantastic show) and dropped by Peter Engler's Woodcarving Shop. Not to be confused with the Engler Block, this shop is in Grand Village. I had not been there since he moved to a larger space. If any of you are in this part of the Ozarks be sure and stop by.

    Not for a buying spree! He has little of interest for woodcarvers to buy. I am assuming that we are not a woodcarving buying type crowd. There are no supplies (may have been a few knives for sale), no roughouts, no wood, what he has is lot's of woodcarvings! All types of woodcarvings! From oversize figures to carved pencils, from realistic to free-form, from the very expensive ($22k) to those anyone can afford.

    I guess that the carvings must be in there on a commission basis. There are pieces by the well known and those by carver's I never heard of.

    I have never enjoyed so much time in a shop where I was never tempted to make a purchase. I spent over an hour examining nearly every carving while Diana kept reminding me that it was time for the concert. Just wish I had a smidgen of the skill of those who's pieces are on display.

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    Re: Peter Engler Shop

    Paul, what a great day you had! I can't think of anything better than Mannheim Steamroller and a carving shop in one day