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  • The best hand lotion

    I was just thinking about Kenney S. experiences with the corn huskers lotion and it made me think of one of my friends. We called him the Hole Digger. Hole Digger used jergens hand lotion on his hands every day just before time to go home. He would get out his lotion and rub down his hands. Well I got to thinking, working in the wood ship we used white wellwood glue and it looked just like jergens lotion. I decided to empty his bottle and replace it with the glue. About time to go home he got out his lotion and filled one hand full and started to rub and the more her rubbed the sticker it got. Well it is time for his ride to pick him up to go home. He Was in a mess. I will explain the name Hole Digger Later. I plan to explain with a wood carving if I can get it together.


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    Re: The best hand lotion

    Geez....can't wait til the next episode of "the hole digger" and his jergens LOL
    "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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      Re: The best hand lotion

      No super glue available at that time? Smile


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        Re: The best hand lotion

        That reminds me of a guy that worked in a truck shop back in the late 70's. He bought a new economy car. Within a week some of his work mates started sneaking out and adding a gallon of gas to his tank everynight. Boy was he proud of that car. That went on for about a month and they started siphonning a gallon out every night.
        Poor guy about went nuts and wound up selling the car in frustration. No one ever told him what the problem was.