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  • Offline!

    Hi everyone. I just want to let you know that I am going to be off line for awhile. I have to take my computer in for a check up and get some new things added so it will talk to me better and maybe listen better to me. I don't think it will take long maybe a day or two. I will be back as soon as possible.

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    Re: Offline!

    Hurry back Ron!!
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      Re: Offline!

      Hey Ron....Mine doesn't listen when I talk either! humm Probably a good thing, it might learn some bad words ha ha Cheers hurry back!
      "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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        Re: Offline!

        Boy that was so fast it was scarry. I took my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy this morning for a cleanup and some problems I had with it. I left it there at 10;00 and they called me before 11;00 and said it was ready. They cleaned the dust out and cleaned some programs that I never use and got it ready for my new reading software I am supposed to get Tuesday.They also fixed the problems I had so far anyway. I was really surprised I would get it back so quick. Then dumb ole me found out with my warranty I didn't even have to do all that. They said all I had to do was call and they would have come to the house and done the same thing. you folks need to try and hook one of these back up not being able to see what goes where. So far no smoke and seems to work a little faster. But anyway I am back on line. And the best part it was all covered under warranty.


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          Re: Offline!

          well Ron, I was going to post that you will be missed but now I won't.hehehehehehehe
          Glad you are back on line.


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            Re: Offline!


            I should have read this before I posted the pic for Susan. Too Late now.

            Glad to see your comp is ready and well I guess I will tell you. So are the items we have been working on.

            I think both will be fine. Do the stencil first. The second one the Line cuts worked well , so you will need to spend some time going over , both the detail and then the line to see the pic.

            I hope these do work for you .

            Let me know when you get them , as I will be getting them in the mail tomorrow.



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              Re: Offline!

              I will let you know when I get them Garry. Can't hardly wait!!


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                Re: Offline!

                Have you tested these with your eyes closed?
                We ALL sure appreciate how you are helping our good friend Ron out with this. It says something about your should live to 105 in good health!