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Lawyers - ya gotta love'em

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  • Lawyers - ya gotta love'em

    This is an apparently true story, but even if not, it is still funny.

    A lawyer purchases a box of 2 dozen very fine, very old and extremely rare cigars. He goes to an insurance company, and takes out a policy against theft, fire, environmental damage and several other things. Then, after making only one payment, he proceeds to smoke the cigars.

    Once he's finished them all, he files a claim with the insurance company to claim damages for his cigars getting burned up. The insurance company - knowing full well what the lawyer did - refused his claim. Of course, this went to court.

    After a long and heated exchange in the courtroom the judge decides in favour of the lawyer. He noted that such a policy is frivolous, the resulting lawsuit equally foolish, but since the insurance company did not state clearly in the contract what sort of fire it was insuring against, they must pay forthwith. So, the lawyer walks away with a cool $30,000.

    A couple of days later - and here is the fun part - the insurance company files 24 counts of arson against the lawyer, claiming he deliberately and with malice aforethought, burned his own private property.

    The lawyer was jailed for 6 months, and had to pay court costs plus $80,000 in fines.