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    I was browsing through the back issues of Woodworking Illustrated yesterday and came across an article by Jim Maxwell on making tramp art santas. It got me curious so I put tramp art .com in the computer and came up with an interesting site. The one I am curious about was the crown of thorns. Apparently this is a method of carving notches in wood and interlacing them into frames, crosses etc. Anyone here do anything like that? I saw a puzzle once that looks like they used that method.
    Just curious

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    Re: Tramp Art

    take a look at Ricks site he had some unique things on there. Look at the "whimseys"
    "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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      Re: Tramp Art

      I too am interested in The Crown of Thorns. I found a site with instructions but their are at best sketchy and too small for me to follow.
      Does any one have any more comprehensive info?


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        Re: Tramp Art

        Rick's site that Hi Ho mentioned Little Shavers Wood Carving Supply still has instructions and a pattern other than that I didn't find anything


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          Re: Tramp Art

          I have been at the little shavers web site before and I got a lot of information
          I have been there before but coulden't make the dimentions work. I now see where the error is and can make it work.
          But my project still does not look like the one shown.
          It is going to take a LOT of peices.


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            I too was interested in the crown of thorns. I looked all over the web for information on how to make it, but I couldn’t find any information. I also contacted little shavers, Rick has passed away, but his wife Theresa gave me a big clue. It took me about three months, but I finally have it solved. I’m writing up instructions for someone in Minnesota. If someone else is interested, I would be happy to pass what I have come up with on to them. This is an art form I don’t want to see die off. Somehow it should be documented. Theresa at little shavers wants me to right a book on it but writing is not one of my interests. So if anyone is interested, let me know.
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              Hoosiertramp. Very interested in carrying this onward. I make custom cremation urns and this would be an awesome embellishment. You can share the technique at [email protected]. my former life was a commercial photog for 36 years, now I turn cremation urns! Hope you receive this!

              Peter Leach


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                You might try contacting the Wallachs at

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