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Question on photo resizing sticky.

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  • Question on photo resizing sticky.

    I may not have looked hard enough, but I haven't seen a sticky or other information on simple resizing, but I often see questions related to this issue.

    Would it be appropriate to provide a write-up on resizing utilizing freeware software available to Windows and Mac users? I work in computer support and primarily deal with graphics ranging in simple black and white images to complex 3D cad images. I would be willing to provide a tutorial on image manipulation utilizing Irfanview (available for Windows) and Xnview (available for Windows and Mac).

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    That would be great! Thank you for offering. Please let me know if you need anything from me!

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor, Woodworking/DIY


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      Bob, I have a pretty decent outline in Word 2010. A couple of questions:
      Would you like to review and comment when I have it pretty well fleshed out?
      What format would work for the submittal, and do I have to deal with a size limit?


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        For the Mac, I'd suggest using Preview, which comes already installed on Macs; no need to obtain any additional software. Preview can be used to resize photos, change the resolution while retaining the dimensions, and other editing tasks such as brightness/contrast/exposure/temperature/ etc...


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          Claude: Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, nor have I used one for more than a few minutes. The two programs that I mention are absolutely free, and will do MUCH more than I'm writing about. I also mention that there are other programs that will probably do the same thing. I'm familiar with these two and while Irfanview is the better program, it's not available for the Mac.

          Edit: Also, with these two programs, I can produce files that are around 3% of the original size without noticeable loss of detail.
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            Here's a draft in PDF format:
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