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Same ole HonketyHank, back in the flesh

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  • Same ole HonketyHank, back in the flesh

    It's been almost two years since I put aside my knives. During that time I have been quite busy with golf and my latest craze - learning to play the mandolin. The last several months have been pretty bad for golf and I can only work on the mandolin so many hours a day without lacerated fingertips, so I have been going kinda stir crazy.

    I still have a pile of wood, mostly hard maple and cherry. Last week I got to thinking maybe I should relearn how to put a good edge on a knife and see if I can still carve a few doo-dads. So, yeah, I can still put an edge on a blade. And I have started a few balls-in-boxes with no tears and no knife-induced lacerations so far.

    Then I got to thinking about this forum. I wonder if they ever got it fixed? Well, yeah, it looks like it so far. I wonder if I recognize anybody? Well, yeah, as a matter of fact some of the same old toots are still here.

    I checked on a tutorial I put together two years ago and which was stripped of all photos in the new forum software transition. I was pretty proud of that one. I see it is still there, but the photos are gone. The tutorial was on carving a set of Borromean Rings. I still have photos on my computer that went with the tutorial. Maybe I'll redo the whole thing.

    So, I have put a link to the forum on my desktop and I plan to stop in more frequently, probably daily. I don't think I'll be as monomaniacal with my carving as before, but I do believe I will keep at it, interspersed with golf and working on old fiddle tunes on the mandolin.

    It's good to be back.
    HonketyHank toot toot

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    Welcome back Honketyhank, still some of us old Codgers on here, so don't be shy ,and yeah please repost that tutorial
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      Welcome back to the forums! Would love to see that tutorial again!
      Keep On Carvin'
      Bob K.

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        If you put a link to the old thread in this post.
        I had an idea to get photos back in some of the old posts. Discussed it with BobD and he thought it was a great idea. Basically, all Moderators can edit old posts,

        and put the photos there as well, a moderator can post them back into the original thread.


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          HH welcome home. Took a long time for a whole bunch of us a while to get back. WCI took a huge hit.
          All old pix are gone forever. You can repost with links, make new threads or do nothing.
          Brian T


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            It is a great site, HonketyHank, and it's great to have another old crust back aboard
            . . .JoeB


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              Welcome back Hank! Would love to see you repost your photos. Give ya something to do when your not assaulting your fingers with the mandolin.


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                Welcome back


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                  Thanks folks. I just sent some posts to Claude with photos for that tutorial. I hope I did them right. If not, rinse and repeat - right?
                  HonketyHank toot toot