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Renaissance of wood carving in my life

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  • Renaissance of wood carving in my life

    Dear members,

    I am Philipp, living in Germany.

    I am experiencing Woodcarving for the second time in my life. The first time it was in my teen age in Kazachstan. I remember how dificult it was to use dull chisels, not sure how I came across those cheap crappy stuff. The best remainings from those days are some scars on my left hand (I am a right hander, so poor my left hand carches all my mistakes).

    Couples of Years back here in Germany I was in a craft store and have seen some chisels from Pfeil. Looking ar the high quality tools someehing got awake inside me. I‘ve purchased couple of them. Next I have learned to sharpen a good edge on them (using almost natural stones).

    I‘m back, now I remember much more things: I love the smell of the wood, love the feel of the fresh cutted surface, Ilove looking how fine shavings come of the piece and take a curled formes. The most I love about Woodcarving is to see how an ordinary block of wood turns into something beautiful. While working down the „remaining wood“ of your product you put all your emotions into your work which can be felt by orhers while taking the ready piece into their hands. It’s like a kind of magic.

    I‘ve not created lots of products but couple of those you can see in my flickr photo stream:[email protected]

    For my most recent project I‘ve taken some pictures and put them together to a short video on my YouTube channel:

    Looking forward to learn more of this fascinating woodcarving world and bring a member of this community.



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    Welcome, Philipp. Very nice carvings and also you put together an excellent video.
    HonketyHank toot toot


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      Welcome. You really have returned after years. Very much like "The Scream."
      You have learned to sharpen wood carving gouges = you can do anything.
      Brian T


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        Originally posted by Robson Valley View Post
        You have learned to sharpen wood carving gouges = you can do anything.
        Thanks, actually this is quite true.
        After figuring out how to sharpen woodcarving tools I‘ve noticed how easy it is to sharpen kitchen knifes. Before it was a quit frustrating job as I‘ve tried to get those knifes sharp by pressing them down with all my available force to the sharpening stone, abrading huge amount of steel (and stone) without the knifes get even near to what one call „sharp“.

        After the woodcarving gouges and kitchen knifes I went into the razor sharpening (on natural stones). It has taken about half Year to get first acceptable results. Sharpening razor blades teaches one a good lesson about patients and pressure, this has helped me to further improve my chisel sharpening techniques

        Never stop learning!
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          Hello Philipp. Glad you have joined us. Your work is really great, Wonderful group of carvers here, all skill levels and we do a lot of sharing and learning with and from each other. Hope you will jump right in.
          We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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            The early years of hard knock are paying off now . The horse is super-Oh welcome aboard, it is plain to see your going to be another asset.
            . . .JoeB


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              Welcome, Philipp, you do very nice work!


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                Welcome to the forums, Phillipp! Your carvings are beautiful!

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