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My "re-introduction"

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  • My "re-introduction"

    I was a member several years ago, and when the site developed those problems I was unable to stay connected. I came back in about a year ago, but I think there were some other problems... it seems my login was removed.

    So, this is my "re-introduction":

    I'm an OIT manager, part time photographer, carver, outdoorsman (less these days), and general woodworker.

    Christmas subjects are my favorites. I've done a bunch of Santa, and some Angels. I've carved a duck or two, and a bunch of "lil'shavers pinecones".

    I belong to the Bull Run Carvers that meet in Manassas Senior Center on Wednesday nights.

    I have fallen from the carving activities in the last several years, and it is time to sharpen the knives and get back into the swing.

    I am happy to see the Ornament exchange running, I think I was in the first one the site conducted (I think it was the first). Next year I am definitely in!

    I'm glad the site is back in the air!

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    Welcome back, Michael. Many of the pre-hack carvers seem to be gone for good.
    There was a total loss of all images as the site gradually stood up again.
    Brian T


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      Well. it is about time you got back , Welcome again
      . . .JoeB


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        Glad you made it back, Michael!


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          Welcome back Michael!
          Steve Reed - Carvin' in the flatlands!


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            Welcome back Michael!!


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              Welcome back! Would love to see some of your work.
              Keep On Carvin'
              Bob K.

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                welcome back. i encourage you to repost several of your photos. absolutely nothing wrong with that, this site ought not be limited to current works only.
                all of us benefit from old posts too. and again, welcome back.

                photos at........


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                  I have lots of "old work", but haven't carved much in the last 2 years or so. My Cipa angel makes it to the Christmas tree, along with a bunch of Santas every year. I have a Santa ornament in my carving box that has been a work in progress for about 3 years! mebbe I can get that one done before Christmas.... 2019


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                    Welcome back, Michael! Good to hear from you again. I moved your thread to the Welcome Members forum, as it's more likely to be seen here, I think!

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                      Welcome back Michael