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    Hello. Newbie here and have shaved off the bark from my first walking stick to be carved into something. Haven't decided yet. I am using a Swiss Army Knife at the moment short blade to clean the stick. Now into carving some patterns. Wish me luck but then one has abstract. Can't go wrong with that. So if it turns out weird, it's abstract.

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    "New Projects and Works in Progress (WIP)"
    Welcome aboard Rodger. We'll be looking forward to seeing your first stick. The above forum is will you will need to post it. A swiss knife huh, I'm sure you will be adding to your knife collection if you keep carving very long, a swiss knife I would consider a "detail" knife, not a rough out knife. But still, glad you're here.
    . . .JoeB


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      Welcome and many years ago I started out making walking sticks, then wood burning on them, and then carving. Tons of options for creating them. Good luck with the project and please post your results.
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        Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, just ask!

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          Hello and welcome to the forum. If you go to the dark strip at the top of the page that says FAQ, click the woodcarverillustrated,com, it will take you to the WCI homepage. Click on (“How To “). You will find a lot of help getting started including a section with 14 pages of patterns and tutorials. I started carving on sticks also. Feel free to ask questions. There are a great group of carvers here on the forum that are willing to help however they can.

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            Welcome to the forums


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              glad to have you here. theres no limit what all can be done to a walking stick. have at it.

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