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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new to carving/whittle, started about 2 years ago. I've been using books and youtube. I've been on this site for a while, searching for answers to questions I have that I'm sure many others may have asked. There is an enormous amount of info here and thank you all.
    So far I have watched more than 5x LoL, videos from Doug Linker, SharonMyArt, and Carverswoodshop.
    I've carved many elephants from Carverswoodshop videos I love elephants. I just made some owls from Dougs video. Made a lot of things some creations are obvious and some I need to explain what they are. I'm practicing on carving faces now.


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    Welcome Shawna and good video elections. Gene Messer is another nice one. I'm currently doing some of Doug's owls...addictive.
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      Thank you Bill, yes his owls are addictive, I like them


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        Welcome to wood carving, I started four years ago. I carve from photos or sketches that I scale to the wood I’m using. Then print on a transparency sheet so I can hold up next to the carving and see what needs removed.
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          Hi Shawna ,Welcome to a Site that I think you will enjoy . What you are doing is good , trying different Pieces to Carve and checking different Style Carvers . You sound very interested in the Hobby and hope you stay with it. Merle


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            Welcome, Shawna, I think it is time for you to just practice, practice, & practice now. As questions come up research for your specific question then just practice, practice, & practice.

            Glad to have you aboard & looking forward to seeing you practice project
            . . .JoeB


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              Hello Shawna! Welcome to the group and to the terrific hobby of wood carving. I think you're on the right track with the videos you've been watching and books are also a great way to learn. I see you only have 2 posts which means you are not asking questions. By all means do not be afraid to ask whatever questions you have. We are all here to help.
              Keep On Carvin'
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                Welcome, Shawna!
                HonketyHank toot toot


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                  Thank you Ed, I like that style of carving you do too.

                  Thank you Merle, I respect the craft, and the work that goes into it.

                  Thank you JoeB, yes, you're right practice and keep on practicing some of the faces I carved are just frightening, LoL what's funny is the first one I carved I thought I was doing something and when I finished, it scared me, that's when I started buying books and watching youtube videos.

                  Thank you Bob K, I will ask questions, I search for the topic first to see if it's been posted rather than start a new topic on an issue that has been posted numerous times, like acrylic or oil paints, or Poly U vs BLO or danish vs tung, acrylics on top of oil, that sort of thing. I do have a question about a certain type of wood I have, I need to figure out where to post it.

                  Thank you HonketyHank!


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                    Welcome aboard


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                      Thank you JJF


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                        Originally posted by MsLibra View Post
                        I do have a question about a certain type of wood I have, I need to figure out where to post it.
                        Welcome to the forums, Shawna! As Bob says, just ask if you have a question. For discussions about the wood, a good place to start is here: Carving Wood & Materials Moderators are here to help you also if you have questions. You can always send us a Private Message if you need to.

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