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  • Hello from North Carolina

    Hello carvers and whittlers!

    My name is Mike and I live in the southwest corner of North Carolina (Cherokee County). I’ve only been at this a month and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

    I bought the Flexcut Beginner Palm & Knife Set online. I have nothing to compare it to but the set seems to be working well.

    Although I’m not new to working with wood, I’ve been a carpenter most of my life, this carving is certainly a new challenge.

    My old hands are complaining but it may just be that I’m using them in a way I haven’t before.

    Well, thanks for having me in the community. I’m going to take a few photos of my attempts and see if I can figure out how to post them in the “new projects” forum. Would that be the proper place to post?

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    Welcome, it’s a journey for us all, I started with flexcut and they’ll get the job done just remember to strop often and you should be ok. I use the “Upload Attachments” tab at the bottom left to add photos usually select medium size to attach. Kind of new to the site myself so there may be a better way.
    Living in a pile of chips.


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      Thanks for the welcome Nebraska, and thanks for the tip on uploading photos. I’m heading over there now to give it a try.


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        Glad you're here! It is a great place, which you'll find out, ask your questions and I can guarantee they'll get answered. Oh, by the way, I bought some Flexcut 10 years ago and use them every day, with the good stopping that Ed talks about. Get the chips to flyting and post your work
        . . .JoeB


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          Welcome Mike and you live in a beautiful part of NC. Lots of beginner information and you can use the search feature to poke around past postings here or just ask a question. Very nice and helpful folks on the forum.

          Doug Linker on Youtube has numerous introductory tutorials and also Gene Messer. Here is a new Youtube poster that has some great intro projects:
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Thanks for the welcomes Joe and Bill. Bill, I’ve been watching Doug’s videos and the homewoodspirit videos too. If you make it over to my other post I bet you’ll recognize that I was trying to follow their tutorials, we’ll maybe not...


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              Glad you found us Mike. Wonderful group of people here. Always willing to lend a hand.



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                Thanks Tinwood, I’m looking forward to hanging out!


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                  Welcome to the forums, Mike! If you have questions, just ask. BTW, here are a couple of other sites with good videos:
                  Gene Messer’s Carving Videos « Jim’s Random Notes
                  Arleen (Carverswoodshop) Carving Videos « Jim’s Random Notes

                  Jim organized the links for these two.

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                    Thank you Claude, I look forward to checking out those sites!


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                      welcome aboard


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                        Thanks JJF, I appreciate the welcome.