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    Hi everyone I’m from Western Australia and have just recently approx 3 years started carving started off as something to do with my children. One enjoys it but I have loved the journey of carving mainly power tools from chainsaw arbotech and recently Just started using hand tools. I only carve wood that I find already on the ground whether from loggers in the past or trees that have fallen. I mainly carve in sheoak and jarrah both in abundance here however they are very hard. Here are some photos of what I’ve been doing.
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    Hello Gregg! I looked at your post in "carving in found wood" too. Welcome to the forum! You have done some beautiful owls! You will find all sorts of folks here with all sorts of interest, so be sure to join in and have a good time.


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      You have a very good command of what needs to be very smooth and what's not.
      The owls here can be popular summertime night-time bird watching targets.
      Brian T


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        Welcome, Gregg! Not familiar with your woods, but your job of working them over shows your skills.

        Don't know what Sappy means by "You will find all sorts of folks here" As we use to say, "we're all vaccinated and dipped" All kidding aside, this place is a vast trove of knowledge. Just ask your questions, and you will get a reply, if wanted we'll also critique your work .

        . . .JoeB


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          Welcome, Gregg! If you have any questions, just ask. That third owl is outstanding. Stytlized, and minimal, but it is clearly an owl!

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            Hello Gregg, welcome to the forum.
            We live in the land of the free because of the brave!



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              Hi Gregg what i have seen in those pictures is very nice.
              Sorry for my question but the wood you mean is Eucalyptus marginata and Allocasuarina as i am not familiar whit the englisch/australian names of the wood.
              But your Idea to take just wood that is already on the ground is very good. I normaly do the same way.
              Have a lot of Fun in this place.