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    Hi Dale
    Welcome to the clan Mate!! Glad to have you join us. The more the merrier. In answer to you question I didn't use a glove for a couple of years but i got tired of trying to wash blood out of the wood as, as careful as one thinks they are dumb stuff DOES HAPPEN. So I trundled down to the local hardware store and got some "rip stop" gloves these have a sort of rubbery or cloth type finish. Don't get a pair that fit too tightly put one on and make sure you can close the fingers without sort of fighting the glove. better a little big than too small.

    These I have found to be very good and a have had a couple of saves already. one actually just managed to nick through the glove without cutting me but without it would have cut clean to the bone. The trick is not to rely on the glove as totally fail safe as a I did and start pushing too hard to shift wood without thinking too much of the cut angles. Keep using safe practices and cut away from yourself.

    Hope this helps. Happy carving. Look forward to seeing some of your work.


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      I just pick the chips out when I'm done carving and smack it against my leg to get the small ones I missed. It works for me. And if I miss a chip, maybe I'll get it next time. It really doesn't matter much to meeee.....



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        Thanks all. I could not make a connection with the glove guy so I got a pair of the kevlar with blue dots. They are better and I also got some of the tape to wrap my thumb. Just could not get the leather thumb guards to fit me right.


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          Welcome to the forum


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            Yeah, I think I will try one from the carving glove guy.