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    I am a newbie to carving. I’m a model ship builder and I first got interested in carving when I decided to replace the figurehead that came with my kit. The more I investigated carving the more excited I got seeing the great things I can make. Of course being a newbie these things will have to wait. I started by getting a couple of Chris Pye books on carving for beginners and I’m currently working on the exercises in the books. I also purchases of set of micro gouges from MicroMark. Right I I’m looking to find the best way to sharpen them. I’ve been looking at the forum but have not found what I need to do or purchase. This forum has a lot of great information so I figure what I’m looking for is here and I just can’t find it. I welcome any advice you have for a newbie getting started in carving.

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    Welcome to the forums! We have a forum here that has a lot of info: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...ogy-sharpening

    You can also use the Advanced Search (pull down the little arrow to the right of the search box) and look for "sharpening micro tools" or something like that.

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      Welcome to the forum and ask any questions...great resource here.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Welcome to the forum (i've been here for months now)

        I got started with a book (and tv series) by Rick Butz (maybe 30yrs ago)

        you should beware, carving can be addictive (but very rewarding). i think most on this forum would agree nothing is more satisfying than shaping a piece of wood with a sharp tool, nothing is more frustrating than trying to shape a piece of wood with a dull tool, so you're off to a good start by concentrating on the sharpening.

        Someone once told me if i thought a tool needed to be sharpened it probably needed it an hour before.

        Good luck


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          Be aware that there are about half a dozen different techniques for sharpening wood carving tools.
          Some by hand, some motorized. A key thing is to pick one and learn to use it. The edges need to be far sharper than anything else I've used. Better than scalpel sharp.

          I was taught freehand sharpening. I decided that I would work at it to be really good and fast.
          Took quite a while but I can bring it off now.
          Brian T


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            Glad to have you aboard! For your small "V:s and gouges, you take a fairly hard piece of wood and use your "V"s 7 gouges to make a top and bottom grove of a tool, then add some stropping compound to the grooves. Take your time and make them as close to the existing shape (top and bottom) of each tool. ( & V
            . . .JoeB


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              Welcome to the forum.

              As for sharpening gouges ideally you should be stropping your tools on leather ever few minutes while carving there by keeping them sharp.

              If the tools did not arrive carving sharp or if the edge becomes damaged then sand paper of various grits on a flat surface can be an excellent affordable option.

              The starting grit depends on the amount of material to be removed usually go to the strop to polish after 800 grit paper.

              YouTube has a lot of videos on sharpening tools. Watch several and decide what process is best for you.
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                Thanks everyone for all the great advice! My first goal is learning how to sharpen my tools. From what Inhear is that I will enjoy carving more with sharp tools


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                  Welcome. There are a lot of different thoughts and choices on sharpening out there. If you like what you learning from Chris Pyes books he has some on sharpening. He also has on line videos. If you are just starting pick a method you think will work for you and stick with it until it is working for you. Stone, diamond stone, waters stone, different grits of emery cloth paper and power systems all have their own learning curve. If you are in driving distance of a carving club visit. See what they are using. It took most of us a while to learn what works best for us. I am a emery cloth on flat piece of glass sharpener these days. And as Ed said I strop my edges regularly once they are carving sharp. And I use thin card board strips for a strop. But I first learned on a medium and fine set of Arkansas stones.
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                    Welcome to the forum


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                      Welcome to the forum! A sharp tool is a safe tool!