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It's a matter of perspective!

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  • Ashmagalf1
    Re: It's a matter of perspective!

    Glad to see that I am not the only one that has those days! Glad that you caught it so that it was only a minor nusiance this time.

    Maybe you could post the extra 18 pounders on EBay. Seems like someone will buy anything you have off of there. Then again, maybe you should keep them... a guy can never have enough 18 pounders around the house!Talking Talking Talking


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  • squbrigg
    started a topic It's a matter of perspective!

    It's a matter of perspective!

    Ever hear the expression: "I don't know weither to laugh or cry!".......well it's been one of those days. My memory problem struck again this week, working on the upper deck gun carriages for my model of the Shannon. Was assembling the gun carriages and found I had made a minor problem, I made all the rear axels too short, so had to carve new ones, but as they are so small, it took a while, 3 days to make new ones.

    The problem is, that this is the third time I have made the same bloody mistake! The first time was in building the carriages for the Grasshopper brig model, (the first since my accident), and I carved all the pieces and assembled all 18 guns, only to find that they were all out of proportion, the angles were all wrong. 18 guns into the garbage, 3 months work. A year or so later, I made the same mistake on the next model, the Seaflower, when I was building the gun carriages for her, that repair took 3 weeks (not as many guns on her). I was able to salvage the material, just had to re-carve some parts.

    This time, I caught the mistake before I had gotten too far and only had to re-carve the axels. That's progress......isn't it?

    Sorry, but I just had to get that off my chest! Still don't know weither to laugh or cry! Sad

    Maybe I should take up napping for a hobby....less stress! anybody need a dozen 1:96 scale 18 pounders? I did the main gun deck guns so well that I forgot how many I had to build and made too many! Must have been on a roll!