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  • Fox Chapel Publishing Open House 2017 News

    Although we have very much enjoyed hosting our Open House and Woodworking Show for the past three years, we have decided to cancel the show. Our guests, artists, and vendors loved the event, but it is expensive and time consuming to host a show of that quality and, unfortunately, we aren't attracting enough guests to justify continuing it. However, we are already brainstorming fresh ways that we can promote woodworking to new people, participate in the carving and scrolling communities, and support our hobbyists' enjoyment of their favorite pastimes. If there is a new way we can enrich your woodworking experience, please let us know!

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    Bob... Figured that it was just a matter of time before you all came to that conclusion. The event was too exclusionary. With a market that extends beyond the US borders you need something for everyone. I suggest a virtual Open House and Show. Special website with once a year guests, artists, and vendors. Special video presentations. The site is only limited by imagination, time, and funding but I expect that it would be cheaper than a "brick and mortar operation" plus, the potential for sales would increase drastically.


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      Eddie not a bad idea.....and Fox Publishing could make money on some books sales....perhaps? I love


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        Sounds like a good idea, Eddy!
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          I am sorry to hear that. I can understand it, but still I am disappointed. I was fortunate enough to attend the last two and thoroughly enjoyed them. It is a 6-7 hour drive for me, but I had a very good time both times.
          You folks at Fox Chapel did a great job of organizing the show. There was a a lot to do and I easily filled my 2 days both times and could have done 3! I was able to sit in on classes that I probably would not have tried in a different setting. The Rough-and-Tumble was a wonderful site, too.
          Like I said, I was one of a the lucky ones that could make it to the Open House. I will miss it!