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Bald eagle patterns?

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  • Bald eagle patterns?

    Hello Community,
    I love birds, now I want to carve the American heraldic animal, a bald eagle. Does anyone know where I could get a drawing (patterns) that I can transfer to wood for sawing?

    Many Thanks

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    Go to, put "bald eagle" in the search field, then click on "Images" in the new window.

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      Thank you Claude, I looked. But I mean an outline drawing. The view from the front and from the side. No photo.


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        What pose do you want? You could try to Google: bald eagle silhouette pattern. There are a lot of black and white images in all sorts of poses that you could make into a pattern very easily.

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          I believe what he is wanting is a sketch of both the frontal and profile views of the same bird
          . . .JoeB


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            Hello JoeB

            yes, that's exactly what I mean. A drawing of the eagle from the front and from the side. I can not draw well, otherwise I could make the drawings myself.


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              I believe I have a pattern for a bald eagle cane topper with a front and side view. Not exactly sure if it's what you want but if you send me a PM I'll be happy to send it to you.
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                If you're looking for a realistic pattern, I doubt you'll find anything better than those made by Denny Rogers. I bought a set of life-size bald eagle patterns from him in the 1980's. Did a search and don't believe they are made any more.... however.... this is:

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                  Hello Bob K,

                  Thank you for your help. I have sent you a PN.


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                    I have the Book that Dave. keele mentioned and it tells you all you need to know about The American Eagle. Merle