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  • Comfort Birds Carving/Selling

    I have mentioned that I spend a lot of time carving while at medical facilities ~ which this stage of life assures occurs with regularity. If my current projects are at a stage requiring concentration ~ I take along a Comfort Bird and work on it. I have refused to sell these carvings ~ preferring to give them to patients at medical establishments ~ who are under stress (especially children). I did expand this to include medical practitioners ~ who are also under stress.

    Increasingly, I am being asked if I would sell them. I do sell carvings, mainly through commission, but have resisted selling these birds. The other day, I was carving at the clinic and was asked about selling. I explained that they were not for sale ~ and a short time later was struck with an idea.

    I still refuse to sell these "birds". Instead I have decided to give them away ~ for a donation to the American Bird Conservancy. A non-profit which allows the donation to be claimed as a deduction on income tax. To insure that this process is totally "above board" ~ I ask that a check be made out to the ABC and I will mail it to them.

    Just started on this so don't know where it will go ~ but if I don't have any finished I will tell folks it will be a while because I do not intend to get into concentrating on comfort birds. They are a distraction not my carving interest.

    Here are some pics showing progress and one of my "hatchings". I don't use a pattern so each bird is different. I outline the head body, tail areas on top and the sides. Then I just carve.

    IMG_0001.JPGP2100001.JPGNew Hatching.JPG

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    I agree with everything you say here I do the same with pencils and my little pocket angels


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      Hi Paul
      I give away all the comfort birds that I carve. I especially like to carve them from Cedar because of the swirley grain. Uvawyo could you post a pic of your pocket Angel?


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        I've never had anyone ask for a comfort bird, but I have sent several to people whom I think might be in need, and the word that I receive is that they were a welcome gift
        . . .JoeB


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          I'm like you Paul, spend far too much time in doctors waiting rooms, and always bring my kit with me. Good example was last evening, had to go to the evening clinic, and it was full to the rafters. We were entertained by a couple of sweet little youngsters, one 3 and one 5, who kept us entertained and smiling all the wait. Just kids being kids. Of course the younger spotted me sitting in the corner carving and was drawn to see what this weird old man was doing. Well, as soon as she saw what I was doing, she started giggling and laughing, she recognized Santa of course! I was working on a Santa ornament, so just had to finish it up and give it to her. She loved it, and spent the rest of her wait talking away to it. The other little one went home with a comfort bird, I carry a few around in my kit bag, just in case, so everyone was happy. Those comfort birds are miraculous and very much appreciated by those who have received them.

          Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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            I like it. It’s very thoughtful.