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  • sis's cat

    Not a big carving, but a big deal for me! Cat measures 3-1/2 inches bottom of back foot to tip of tail, 4-1/2 long. I had said I would carve a carousal animal for each family member, then I lost my husband, so this is me getting back into it. My youngest sis is a cat person, so this one is for her. C & C welcome. IMG_2218.JPGIMG_2217.JPG
    Summer issue 283 of Woodcarving was very helpful, I was having problems with the face until I saw the tiger carving in that issue.

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    Hi Sappy , Very well done. You put life into that little piece of Wood. Your Sis will Love it. Merle


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      Nice job snappy! My wife wants me to do a craving or out favorite cat Murphy, but I don’t think I could every do him justice like you have done


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        Beautiful carving Sappy. I find cat faces to be a little bit of a challenge, and you did a fantastic job. I like it.

        If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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          Beautiful carousel cat!

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            Merle, thank you for your nice comments. I hope my sis loves it, for sure!

            Vice, I have seen your carvings, I am sure a cat would be easy for you.

            Tom, thank you. Yes, cat faces always give me fits. That article in the mag. really helped.

            Claude, thank you so much!


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              Small carvings can also be beautiful carvings and yours is just that. The anatomy of the cat is spot on and the carving and painting details are excellent. I'm sure your sis will love it.
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                Very very cute! Nicely carved and painted. Well done!


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                  Beautiful, Sappy! Quite a project you have many do you anticipate carving altogether?


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                    Bob, thank you for your nice comments, my painting really lacks, but thank you for thinking otherwise.

                    Nomad, thank you, two "very"s, wow, thank you thank you!

                    Arthur, thank you, as you may know, I have already carved 20 for my carousel project, for my family project, this is the second one, and I have five more, small family. Some of the folks on here would knock those out in a couple days, but I only run in granny gear.


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                      Very nice carving and the look of the character and not something I have seen with a carousel. Great piece.
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                        Not only did the detail of the carving catch my eye, but your paint is top-notch. You have created a real keepsake.
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Woodb, thank you. The cat is actually a common pattern used on carousels, it usually has a bird or fish in its mouth, some thing I didn't attempt to do.

                          Joe, thank you.

                          Thank all of you, you have given me inspiration to start the next one!


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                            Well Sappy, I showed my wife the carving and commented I thought it was unique...then she told me about a blizzard of carousel books out there that have numerous animals. Guess I'm just not in the "carousel" loop, and have now been educated. However, I'm now interested in carving some...thanks.
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                              That's a pretty little cat you've carved Sappy. This should make your sister quite happy as well as bring joy to you. Well done.