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  • Turned birds head

    i was wondering how do most of you turn your bird’s head on your carvings. Do you cut your pattern with the head turned or do you cut out the bird looking straight and then cut off the head and reposition it? If you cut it off how do you disguise the saw cut line?

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    Hi CS, on Duck Carving I cut off the Head , to hide the the cut off line make a good fit and Paint will hide the line . On Bird carvings I cut the Outline then lay out the Head at an Angle . Draw the Center Line thru the Body and the Head at the Angle .When I do the Head turned it messes with my Eyes and Mind. Hope I helped some. Merle


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      Thanks Merle. I’ve done both ways but when cut the head off I have a hard time covering up the cut line. Maybe I just need more practice.


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        The key to making a good joint is to have both sides perfectly flat before gluing. Use a disc sander larger than the area to be sanded and get them as flat as you can, then dowel and clamp the two sides of the joint. For a birds head that is irregular in shape, you need to use something like strips of old inner tubes or other elastic material to apply the pressure during curing as clamps won't give even pressure. See Lynn Doughty's videos at OUTWESTBLOGSPOt.COM and find one where he does a glue joint for pointers(I don't remember which series include glue-ups..sorry) If done perfectly, the joint will be invisible, but since I never make a perfect joint, I use a small amount of wood putty to fill the joint line and sand smooth to make it disappear under the paint. The wood putty will not take the finish paint the same as the wood, so to make sure there is no apparent change in the final painting over the joint, you must seal with either gesso or polyurethane spray before painting (which most bird painters do anyway). Hope this helps.
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          I like to have the heads turned on a lot of the birds and animals I carve. I draw the centerline on the body, then the centerline of the head at some angle to the body, then carve it as one piece. Here's an example.

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