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A bit more than a 100 second owl

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  • A bit more than a 100 second owl

    Took me a bit longer than 100 seconds. From a video on YouTube but I did a little extra from other owl videos I've seen. Not to bad for the first one.

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    Nicely done, cute owl.
    Living in a pile of chips.


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      Thanks a bunch. I tried a different style by Doug Linker and chopped the beak right off. Ha ha. Figure I'll start a little more beginner pieces before I get ahead of myself. Gonna buy a scroll saw before too long for some rough out pieces.


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        Nifty looking fellow and I saw Doug's influence in it. I carved a bunch of his owls and after doing a few I got it right.

        Don't forget that a scroll saw isn't good for larger depths. I bought a small band saw, but now I don't use it since many of my carvings are from the whole "block." Not very difficult for smaller carvings but even a scroll saw would be useless.

        I do like your owl and well done.

        Living among knives and fire.


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          I can't even get my knife stropped in 100 sec, good job
          . . .JoeB


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            What is the need for Speed doing a Carving ? When I first started Carving it took me 3 weeks to finish a Piece and now I got it down to about a Week or so . I do this for Relaxation , Challenge ,and just for Fun . At my age I get tired just thinking about Speed . Ha,Ha. Take your time Enjoy Carving and trying to improve your Talent , and by all means have Fun doing it . Merle


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              Nice work, and I agree that carving should be fun and relaxing.

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