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Another Grandchild means another toy

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  • Another Grandchild means another toy

    I haven't been here for a while, so I hope everyone is doing well and safe.

    A while back I posted about a push toy mallard duck with flapping wings that I made for my first granddaughter.


    Now that my second grandchild is mobile, I had to come up with something for him. This time it's a pull toy alligator with an opening and closing jaw. As you can see in the photo, the jaw is activated by a cam and lever.


    Here is a video:

    And now, my son with the first granddaughter has welcomed his second child, a boy this time. So, it looks like I will need to come up with another toy soon.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Your busy work is of the fun and rewarding kind. Congrats on the grands!


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      Hi Tom , Great Toy and Great Job . Don't throw the Pattern away because I think you will be needing it again . Ha,Ha. I'm in the same Boat only with Great Grand Kids . My Grand Son just had another Boy and my Grand Daughter is expecting in September , that will make her # 7 , Yep did them all with a Carving and a lot pf Pride . Enjoy you Trip thru Toy Land . Merle


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        Nice toy, Gleber. I'm sure you will come up with more good ideas when you need them.


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          No better reasons to be carving, enjoy your work
          . . .JoeB


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            Doing stuff for the little ones is so much fun. And they always seem to enjoy them.


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              Great little toy, Tom! Well done!

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                Excellent toy idea and the little ones love things like that. Glad you posted it and it has me thinking.
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                  Good stuff, Tom! Glad to see you back. Always fun to carve for the kids.

                  Last Christmas I made a wooden box with an inlaid truck puzzle for my three year old great grandson who is nuts for motor vehicles. He adores it, and his mom likes the fact that it opens and closes like a book with a latch and can be stored on a bookshelf.


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                    Thanks all for the nice compliments.

                    A few more details... The body is three horizontal layers of 5/4" pine and wheels 2" diameter. The teeth are a strip of felt cut and glued into a recess around the snout - no sharp edges. The wheels are wood, and when first tested, they worked fine on carpet, but slid on smooth floors. I took a bicycle inner tune and cut 1" sections (like donuts or rubber bands) and stretched them over the wheels. No more slipping with the new "tires." I also left the pull rope a little long so when pulled it does not lift up the front. The hardest part was drilling the holes for the axles. I didn't have a bit that was long enough and had to drill though from both sides. It was hard to line up the holes to match, but it worked out okay. I screwed the eyes in from the bottom, so if the glue broke off, they would not be a choking hazard. I couldn't figure out an easy way to make spikey ridges down his back and tail. But he is sort of cartoony anyway and doesn't need to be that realistic. Does anyone have any suggestions - I'm curious?

                    Arthur - do you have photos of your book/truck/puzzle? It sounds interesting.



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                      Tom, sorry, but I don't. This is what I did: The box consists of a thin piece of ply with sides of scrap wood about 3/4" high, made two and hinged to make a book-like box; rounded outside corners; clasp on side opposite hinges.

                      For the puzzle, another piece piece of ply cut into pieces of the truck; after puzzle was cut out I laid it on still another piece of ply and traced around it to be cut out to fit, this piece glued in the box. I left some wiggle-room between the pieces so they would fit easily. Small pieces have a brad in them so tiny fingers can grasp easily. Painted box bright red, several colors used on truck pieces.


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                        Tom, You could add a piece down the back and tail for the ridges, Like you did the eyes.
                        If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.



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                          A neat toy. Like the idea of the jaw on the cam. Classic!!!!