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choice of base for a bird carving

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  • choice of base for a bird carving

    I am vacillating between making a realistic habitat base for my most recent in-progress carving or making a plain or abstract, block-like base that will focus attention on the carving itself. I have seen both types of bases at competitions and in publications, but would appreciate advice from this experienced group of bird carvers. Thanks in advance for your comments or suggestions.

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    This particular bird. Does its behavior or habitat give you any ideas?
    Brian T


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      I've always felt that the base or frame or background of a carving should not distract from the focus.


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        I think Pallin might be right in that a different style of base may pull the eye from the subject. We have hundreds of animal porcelain animal figurines some with natural style some with stylised bases.

        The stylised bases that work are dead plain like a slab of polished marble or granite as this makes the subject realy pop. The ones that are too busy drag the eye away from the subject. We have a nice bronze Robin with a rectangular granite base with bronze leaves and berries on it. The eye constantly flicks from bird to base as both are beautiful in their own right.

        The ones with a nature type base tend to enhance and blend with the piece rather than fight with it.

        Just my observations others might have a different idea.


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          The extinct bird I am carving is thought to have lived in a semi-arid habitat near a shallow lagoon. I have tried carving a surface to resemble ripples in sand, but didn‘t like it. It was not a perching bird, nor a good flyer, so I am carving it in a running pose, with wings outstretched for stability. I do want the carving to be the focus, but I had hoped to have a base suggesting a shoreline environment.


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            To finally wrap up this thread, I have attached a photo of the finished carving with the base design I have chosen. It is more abstract than I originally intended, but it supports the carving well, accentuates the motion implied by the carving, and does not overpower the piece, at least in my opinion. My apologies if some of you following this post have already seen this photo elsewhere.




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              Hi Jim , I think you made a good choice , to me it shows Motion as does the Bird . I feel they go together Very Well . Good Work All Round . Merle


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                Perfect choice. Everything denotes speed.


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                  The base looks great and doesn't detract from the bird.

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                    You nailed it!! It looks great.