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Polar Bear ~ End of the Species

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  • Polar Bear ~ End of the Species

    My frien's, our house sits on the east side of mountain with no view north, south or west. My carving corner has a beautiful view for sunrises that often interrupts my woodcarving. T Day Week.JPG This morning was a beautiful one for coffee on the porch ~ less so for woodcarving. Fortunately sunrises are ephemeral Sunrise gone.JPG and I was able to return to the polar bear.

    Patty Waymire has given me permission to use her photograph of a polar bear for a carving.
    A - solitary bear at dusk-0607-L.jpg With the ice cap disappearing the polar bear's food source (seals) is becoming out of their reach and, I believe, dooming the species to extinction. I am using MS Waymire's photo as a bear realizing that it is very near the end for nanook.

    Block marked.JPG So, now the carving is underway and I am very thankful for full size gouges and especially my automach.

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    Going to be a nice project Paul. Look forward to seeing it develop. The bear looks like he could be saving grace before he jumps in for a meal.
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!


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      That bear needs sea ice to hunt for seals.
      The posture in the image will make a very powerful carving.

      Some observers suggest that polar bear extinction might happen in the next century.
      Brian T


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        It seems with cutouts there is always some wood to be hagged out, & I agree with you about the automach. How big is this project?
        . . .JoeB


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          The polar bear will be around 8" tall, 9" deep and 6" wide. My vision calls for it to be placed on a 2"x12"x12" basswood block. The back of the block (where the bear will be located) will be 2" thick, Just in the front of the bear I intend to carve out and undercut the wood to simulate a sea shelf. This will be about a 1" drop and will continue to the front of the bass wood base. I will use about a 1/2" pour of artificial water to create the sea. I will carve and attach several floating chunks of ice so that the tops barely clear the surface of my artificial water pour. No sea ice! No Seals! No food for the polar bears!

          I am toying with the idea of leaving the polar bear natural and using wood bleach to turn it white resembling a ghost. Gravel surrounding the bear and paint the undercut below the bear. Paint the surface of the wood under the artificial water. This will require a lot of very thin cuts (no pyro) to create the fine polar bear hair.

          But, as they say about war, "The best of plans are thrown away when the first shot is fired." But, this is my vision.


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            What a wonderful project!!! Looking forward to see the progress. We do not get those deep red sunsets here ...they are so very beautiful.., it is about the only thing I miss when I lived on the mainland.


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              Will be watching with much interest.


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                Very creative approach, and an important message. Please keep us all updated.