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Brown Number 2

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    Re: Brown Number 2

    Hello Orygoner,
    Your trout looks great! I saw the detail you put into No#2 and it was outstanding. I like your base for the brown.
    I'm just finishing up the paint job on my Fox Sparrow. I sent for the Yellow/Blue epoxy putty from the States as it has a better working time (1 1/2 hrs.) as opposed to the Qwikwood at 20 minutes. I'm a little apprehensive about the whole affair but hey --- I carved the bird on my own I again thank you for all of your help and advice. When I get the Sparrow done I'll send you a pic. Bye for now.


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      Re: Brown Number 2

      Thx for all the kind words folks.

      Oscar... won't be at the Pacific Flyway, but will be at the Columbia Fly on Sunday. One of these days I'll make it to Sacramento, maybe even San Diego shows.

      Jandee... Looking forward to seeing your Sparrow!


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        Re: Brown Number 2

        Randy, that's one of the best fish carvings I've seen in a very long time. Amazing work!
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          Re: Brown Number 2

          Utterly fantastic. You did a beautiful job.


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            Re: Brown Number 2

            Super Super SUPER carving Randy. Beautiful work.


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              Re: Brown Number 2

              WOW! I'm speechless! That's got to be the best fish carving I've ever seen and there are many good ones shown in this forum. Beautiful graceful movement, and the detail in the painting and finish are incredibly realistic! The base is stunning! Wonderful job, Randy! Bonnie


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                When you put together those mounting branches what colors are you using to get the real wood look?
                Im having a hard time getting the same look.
                (p.s you’re carvings have really inspired my work and hope you know it’s intrigued me enough to keep this art form going. I don’t know many other 19 yr olds doing wildlife carvings!)