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Dedicated to all the medical professionals and to my daughter's memory......

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  • Dedicated to all the medical professionals and to my daughter's memory......

    Around 15 years ago I carved this figurine wearing a mask and scrubs as a present to our middle daughter who at the time was working in a commercial pharmacy where they prepare cancer drugs. She has since passed but with the pandemic that we are facing today and with the dedication we see from our medical providers and community, I'd like to rededicate the carving in their honor and our daughter's memory. Please forgive the quality of the carving. I'd like to think that it has improved over the years since this was whittled!

    Scrubs Front.jpgScrubs Side.jpg

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    Perfect for the times, Eddy and she must have loved it. It amazes me the entire first responder's dedication and it is not something I could do. I've tried to think of any time in the past that was this bad...and I can't. Solemn times.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Well done & yes you have . I'm just hoping the pandemic doesn't turn in a real panic. From what we are being told this thing isn't over yet. everyone has to keep a cool head and realize that we ALLL are in this together.
      . . .JoeB


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        Well done, very touching Eddy.


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          BZ, Eddy!

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            The outward appearance of your carvings may have improved over years of practice, but I'm sure there's more love and memories in that carving than any you could do today......
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              As was already said, well done Eddy.

              Bob L