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For a Lowes Cashier Who Was "Beary, Beary," Nice!

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  • For a Lowes Cashier Who Was "Beary, Beary," Nice!

    Lowes Bear (1).jpg Lowes Bear (3).jpg
    A couple of weeks ago while making a quick stop at Lowes I ran into a young lady who was extremely helpful, courteous, and friendly. Both Lowes and Home Depot at times share "black eyes" over their customer service and I'll be the first one to admit that there have been times when I was ready to just walk out of the store. However, this just wasn't one of those times and the young lady impressed me very much. So what else to do but carve her a "Lowes Bear!" I dropped it off at the store this morning on the way back from a doctor's appointment. She wasn't there but I left it with the head cashier along with a glowing recommendation for the young women. Hopefully she'll get it when she comes in later today along with the recognition she deserves for just being a really nice to an old man when he needed it.

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    Nice gesture in a mediocre world, Eddy. I also do it and it is always appreciated. You did your good deed for the day!
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      Thanks my friend!

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    Here in Hawaii, yea customer service is horrid at Lowes or Home Depot....they all hide in the break room as told to me by someone who works there. To get help??? ...may God help you. I thought it was just here in the islands. LOL Must be nice to work someplace, to get paid for not working. So yes the great service...that cute bear is a very fitting gift!
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      That is an absolutely awesome gesture, kudos to you sir!
      That bear is one cute and happy fellow!


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        Great carving and a nice gesture, Eddy!

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          I am sure it is going to make her day as bright as she made yours. It just might open the eyes of some of the other employees, Great job job on ALL accounts
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            You're a beary cool dude Eddy! And a good bear carver too!



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              Good one Eddy, I'm sure she will appreciate it.


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                Dileon.... I agree and that's why I gave her the bear. However, I did not identify myself so she and no one else will likely know who it came from. I doubt very seriously that the head cashier will remember as he was up to his eye balls in customers. Most of the folks that we see in the Lowes and Home Depot stores are only making about $12-13 dollars an hour. That's not a hell of a lot to live on nor is it a hell of a lot to be paid to have to put up with some of the crap that these people are deal with. So I try to remember if I get an ugly cashier or an apathetic helper in the isle, that it might not be me that they are being less than polite to but the guy before me that they were trying to help


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                  Eddie, what a kind gesture for all they put up with.
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                    Hi Eddy
                    Man can I relate to that. Had My own retail business. 99% of people are fine but the other 1% are candidates for a hole in the ground.

                    Was at the repco store getting some parts for my car a couple of days ago and the old guy in front of me was bleating and moaning about not being served. He must have been there all of 1 minute. The 3 staff were run off their feet and he went on and on. I nearly lost the plot and gave him an earful. It was just so hard not to say anything. We made a point of being really nice to the girl when it was our turn and we found out that 6 staff were down with covid and one of the 3 on deck had only been at the job for a week and the girl who served us, It was supposed to be her day off but she fronted up to work because they were so short staffed.

                    So good on YOU Eddy for having some thought for these people that have to take a lot of garbage from some people and get paid very little for doing it.

                    Oh Yeah on the way out the girl gave us a pretty good discount. Didn't know that was coming but it goes to show that being polite and decent is appreciated.

                    Nice one Eddy!!!!!!

                    Meant to add nice job on the bear too mate.
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                      Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper my Mom always use to preach the golden rule and the old saying....."“You get more flies with honey than with vinegar."

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                    A good one for sure.


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                      Excellent carving i hope she gets it great gesture!