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  • Counterfeit or reverence

    I was watching the Antiques Road Show last week I very much enjoy that show. A lady from South Dakota had some Native American art a mixed bag she had some pottery some carvings in wood and bone. The expert couldn't be sure the bone carving was real or counterfeit if it was real $3000 if not $50. I worked for a less than reputable antique restorer shop in New Orleans when I was very young. I was taught how to age furniture and we would replace hardware, replace modern drawers with hand cut dove tail types that was my job. I also made Afro Caribe carvings that were very popular with the New Orleans voodoo community. We had a duplicate carver and I would finish the thing with hand tools. I can tell you for a fact even the dealers knew what our shop did and we had more work than we could do. The shop is still there with different owners and still very busy. I say buy art because you like it not because of some contrived affinity for stone age culture. I bought what was supposed to be a Herald Enlow, John Rood, E.J. Tangerman and a very expensive Henry Moore. For all I know they could all be fake but I still cherish them I liked them when I bought them and I wont be taking my old crap to the ARS.

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    It is noted that there is not to much art out there that has value......first is the collectors series which is in the millions. The fact that galleries and most art dealers will tell you that your making an investment is almost always BS......fact is art history will only tell you that it may or may not be valuable in the future. That future means knowing what is in demand in the future. Treads in art in the future are unknown to all of us. So art is like a gamble may have something of value, most of the time you will not.

    I know people who make things ....bury them in dirt and then later sell them as valuable .....old antiques from the fact this has been going for centuries and they still have not caught on. This was how Michelangelo got his fame in his day. He was burying his statues and as later found out. Unless you know how to value a is not worth two cents until you go to sell it....if you a liar like the sells man....then you may get something for it, if you can find a fool who will buy it. I hate it when someone comes from a gallery or other place and they say..... Look I got this painting and it is going to be a great investment for me....and I like to scream.....
    that is a darn poster and no one is going buy something that has a 1,000 prints.
    I have bought art myself......lied to that it was a real stone statue....come later when it broke found out it was learn fast what is real, and later will it become famous....only God knows. Experts in art are few, they work for the museums and if they had major, major training, they can tell the real deal. That expert you talking about Don is no expert....just a show guy with the will to fame and glory for something he does not know nothing about..... sad how corrupt things are.

    I worked for my young days, making wax for gold jewelry design. He reported that today the jewelry store owners could not tell the difference in the 1980s.... between a fake stone and the real deal.....with using a test kits. That only a gemologist could tell the whole deal. So later we also found out he was switching stones in peoples jewelry that he was repairing that is when you quit your job you love, it real or is it counterfeit ????honestly it is another way to steal your money.

    My house is full of art.....just because I like it. The new modern ages stuff in plastics has fallen much for lasting forever.....plastic will start breaking up at about 40 years...and here they were praising it was going to last forever......what a joke.
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      You are like me, in that if you like it has great value to you


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        I have commissioned carvings and I have bought carvings from WCI members. I like to look at them.

        Brian T


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          In our news today..........Earlier this month, a wooden carving of the Hawaiian god of war fetched $7.5 million at a Christie's auction in Paris.
          The huge price tag, twice what curators expected, made international headlines. But now some are wondering whether the Kukailimoku is authentic. "In my opinion and maybe a few academics, the piece is not genuine," said Mark Blackburn of Honolulu, who has collected Polynesian artifacts for decades.

          Here we are it the real deal?....or is it a fake?.....
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            I have done quite a bit of restoration carving of broken or missing decretive work on furniture for a man that dose restoration and refinishing of old furniture. He has his own finishes he makes up and uses. He says they old world formulas, he will not share. But when he is done they look great but still look old and aged. He does not miss represent it, he has a refinished by label that goes on his work. But it is easy to see how someone could miss lead people if they have his talent for the work.
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              I bet he is good at it and with your carving work he could get by with it.


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                I gave my beloved a ring while in college - we were already married - and this one I ground all facets myself. It was artificial but beautiful. It was cemented together - two halves top/bottom. The glue was deep green. It looks like a large emerald. It is 30mm along the long axis. I used to facet sapphire in 5mm size but the big 30 was a real task. It was mounted in a sterling silver ring. We asked a jeweler to clean the ring for us and he after looking at it with a loop said it was to expensive to leave over night. Not that it was real but it spooked him. My sister in law had a large 60mm Topaz ring. It was a dagger as the stone was so heavy. She got it for a song at the Texas Fair - foreign country packing up and selling off stuff. It is missing from her affairs. Martin