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Receiving Payments at Shows

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    We use square for shows. We do carry some cash for the shows, but I thinks we make more sales if we let the customers know that we can take credit or debit cards as well.
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      The few shows that I have attended, cash is the only acceptable method. With the accessibility to ATM's I don't feel that an investment into credit card or e-transfers is worth it to me.

      As for being ripped off, yes! I did a custom order for a gentleman in the US, received a down payment, and sent the item when completed, and he stiffed me for the rest. The world if full of people who will take advantage and try to get something free or pay less for it. Let the carver beware!

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        Tens of, I never did any kind of electronic payments, and knock on wood never received a bad check good luck on your upcoming show wish you the best.