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Carvings in the Tourist Trade

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  • Carvings in the Tourist Trade

    While traveling I have seen and sometimes purchased carvings that were made for tourists. Many are well carved and make use of local woods. Here are some examples:

    Photos 1 & 2 show a village scene in relief (Honduras), 3 a tree with buildings (Honduras), 4 - Rappeling mountaineer (Germany), 5 - Pacific NW style raven (B.C. Canada)

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    Very nice Pallin and that would be a great hobby, collecting worldwide carvings. Thanks for posting those.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Thanks for the posts, always interesting to see carvings are pretty much the same world over
      . . .JoeB


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        Here's a few more. You would be shocked to know the variation in prices.

        The first 2 photos are masks from Central America. The 3rd is a mask from Bermuda (but carved in Malaysia, because they are priced too low for Bermudans to make a living,) the 4th is a Kachina carved by a Hopi artist in Arizona - the most expensive of my purchased carvings.


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          I agree with 807, nice hobby to have. And lots to talk about when you have carving friends over.


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            I concur. They make splendid memories. I also did some carving collecting back in the 60's when I was on a ship stationed in southeast Asia. Unfortunately, all my carvings but one dried out, deteriorated and split apart back before we had A/C here at the house. This is the only one to survive.....
            Phillipine Carved Horse 1967.jpg