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Phil has done it again

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  • Phil has done it again

    G'day All
    Cottonwood bark is as rare as horse feathers here in Australia and Phil really resents what he sees as waste of bark by the usual method of hollowing a whimsical house so he has developed a way of saving bark while still being able to carve it. He squares the sides of various bits and pieces, glues them together then uses a band saw to cut the bark into slices about 3/8" thick. He then builds a framework for his project out of pine and clads it with the bark sheets on which he then carves doors, windows and other details like brick @ stonework. The attached photo's are of a waterwheel driven mill. The Waterwheel is made from bark and a few pieces of pine for strength, it is connected by a shaft to an old hand drill that Phil has cut down and mounted inside the mill, this in turn allows the waterwheel to be turned by hand an observers can see the stones turning to grind the grain. Phil has also made other bits and pieces of various machines that don't work but are just there to improve the overall look of the mill......First pic is of the frame, second shows the drill, then a view of the waterwheel, some cladding and the roof ready to be fitted.......I will attach more pics in another post.
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    Hi Jon
    Phill has out done himself. great work. nice to see how he made frame work and machinery of the mill. thanks for sharing


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      Phil is a pretty handy guy and super creative!