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Free 9 foot oak stump

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  • Free 9 foot oak stump

    Irma knocked down my 60 foot live oak tree. We got rid of most of it but have a 9 foot stump of about a one yard diameter with roots still attached. Has weathered well since the hurricane. Remove it and it is yours for free. The stump is located near 441 and County Line Road in Miramar. For more info,

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    It is not clear what state you are in.


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      Going by what he has posted, it appears to me that he's just North of Miami, FL

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        I see cut logs all the time and am tempted to hire a flatbed and hook a nylon sling to it but be prepared to dig and bring some chocks so the log does'nt roll.


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          A 36" 9' length of Life Oak should be sawed in slabs, seasoned and made into tables. That is hundreds of years old. If you are looking for a portable saw man who can cut on-site or at his site.
          I did a number of large oaks, none were of the LIVE species - Have 6 of them in the front yard along with 120' Reds and Whites. One I think is a White/Bur oak. It is unique. I have acreage and loose trees to hurricanes from year to year. Lost 2 acres one afternoon. Laded them down fast. The ground was like jello and a strong blast hit them. That was some sound with the howl of the dog screaming (the strong whistling wind).