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First bark cottage in the round

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    Wow that's really an excellent looking bark cottage! Very fine work!
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      I starting defining the ridge line and chimneys and dormers from the top. Working top to bottom, carved the basic structures and roof slope. Then carved the sides and defined the doors and windows. Once the windows were set, we drilled about and inch toward the center. We split the wood apart and washed off the water soluble Elmer's glue. Then started scooping out the interior until we saw the holes. At that point I concentrated on those areas scooping the bark until it was 1/4" or so thick. Then from the outside, carefully cut out the window panes. Once that was done we glued together.

      I did use 2" piece of bamboo skewer to align the halves for permanent gluing. I learned something new to align the dowels. We used 2 BBs. Drilled 2 1/8" holes half the depth of the BB at the top and bottom. Set a BB in each hole. The BB was partially above the bark edge. We aligned the bark to how we wanted it then pressed the halves together. The BBs leave a dimple on the other half. The dimple is where you drill the other half. Insert the dowel and test fit. If satisfied glue together.

      After that we worked on the detail; siding, rocks, steps, shingles.

      All this was from a class I took at John C Campbell Folk School in NC. Love it there. It is adult summer camp. My 4th carving class. Also have taken kaleidoscopes and scrimshaw.



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        Thanks for the fine explanation.
        . . .JoeB