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Water faucet carving

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  • Water faucet carving

    Well, it's only been ... 6 or 8 years since I posted, I think. Haven't done a lot of carving, just dabbled here and there. A few little things here and there while I concentrated on work (terrible thing, having to do that) and a foray into "wood working":tables and such. Oh, and building out the third garage bay into a 12' x 25' shop. Now it's time to get back into some carving.

    Anyway, this is the first really new thing I've done in quite some time. This is the prototype of a carving I want to do in a dead cedar tree (actually, it's Ashe Juniper, but everybody here calls it cedar) in the yard. Thought I'd make a prototype first.

    I started out with the intention of making this from a single piece of wood, but the Sycamore I started with was pretty chewed up. In particular, where I had planned to make the neck of the faucet was right in the middle of a big bug hole that I couldn't see from the outside. The bug had chewed up the length from the inside. But, I'm experienced at making "adjustments." So I carved the faucet itself from a piece of Douglas Fir. The rest is a single piece of Sycamore.


    The piece stands 12" tall. The base is 5" x 7", and about 1.5" thick.

    Not great, but I learned a lot about how to carve this scene. I'll probably do another small one (probably from cedar) before attacking that stump in the yard.
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    It's a very intriguing carving, jmichel. - and, welcome back!


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      This is just flat-out cool!


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        I like this. Good job.



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          That's a good one. Hope the cedar is solid for you. How big will that one be?


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            JoeVM: The cedar stump is 3 or 4 feet tall, and maybe 10 inches wide at the base. I haven't decided yet exactly how tall I'll make the carving, but that's the maximum possible. I suspect I'll limit it to about 2 feet tall.

            I also haven't decided whether I'll carve it in-place, or if I'll cut the stump off and mount it on a base so I can display it inside. The idea of leaving it in-place is kind of cool, but the carving will be somewhat fragile and likely to get broken. Not to mention greying / rotting out in the weather.

            Decisions, decisions . .


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              Well, that carving has a nice flow to it ( sorry, couldn't resist ). I suggest you title it "Farrah." Really, that's nicely done!


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                Very nice and creative use of carving and selected woods. Nice piece.
                Living among knives and fire.



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                  That is fantastic!


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                    Great carving!

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