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  • Oak Burl Bird

    Some of you might remember my 100 Birds project, where I carved 100 of those Comfort Birds from the Fall 2011 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated. Each bird was from a different type of wood. I didn't stop at 100, but I've slowed down quite a bit. I think this is #107.

    A friend gave me a couple of large-ish oak burls. I used most of the wood to make a couple of bowls, but had some cutoffs left over. It was surprisingly difficult to get a clear enough piece to carve this bird from.


    I'm finding this one difficult to sand: it's difficult to tell the difference between a tool mark and the burl figuring. Should really shine, though, once I get it sanded up and put a finish on it.
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    Things might change while they stay the same! The burl grain will be fascinating.
    I still see the western red cedar bird hanging in my living room fig tree after all these years.
    Made me wonder what you've been up to.

    Robson Valley outlived it's screen usefulness.
    Brian T


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      Good job. I'm glad to see you are still carving the birds. Keep up the good work.


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        I learned the other day that the oak burl is kind of brittle. Broke the tail. Of the several hundred birds that I've carved, this is the first one that I've ever broken!

        Unfortunate that it broke, but I was able to glue it back together. Sanded up, I can see the glue joint, but it's not too terrible. It almost looks like a natural feature of the burl.

        The sad thing is that I might not have a large enough piece of burl to get another bird. I might be able to get a smaller chunk out of the cutoffs I have left. I usually start with a 2 x 2 x 5 inch block. I've done 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 before. Much smaller than that, and it gets hard to hold the thing while I'm carving it.


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          Those are my kind of birds.I like them .. And somehow had never heard the name you called them, Comfort Bird, but I have "let them go" in my elder friends hands several times. Enjoy and keep posting . I have been doing these and others, and if I Ever learn how to post my pictures. And jmischel when I do get that small supply of Rosewood, you may need a couple blocks.
          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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            Nice work with the oak burl!

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