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  • Stump coffee table

    Didn't really know where to put this. I picked up a rotted old stump out at the campsite back in ... 2016, I think. You should have seen my wife's face when she saw it sitting in the back of my truck. The eye roll and the "what are you going to do with that?" A couple of hours with a chainsaw to trim it up, chisels and mallet to remove the punky surface wood, and an angle grinder and other assorted implements of destruction to shape it, and it was clear that I'd found something worth keeping. It now sits in the living room.

    I'm not sure what kind of wood it is. The forest where I picked it up is predominately Eastern Red Cedar and a couple different species of Oak. This looks and carves a lot like Oak, so I suspect that's what it is. But if anybody asks, I just say that it's FOG wood: I Found it On the Ground.

    Yeah, sanding wasn't a lot of fun. I got it reasonably smooth and then called it done. If you look real close, you can still see some tool marks. Call it character.

    (Neither the elephant nor the turtle are my work. Both of those were gifts: the elephant from my mom, and the turtle from my dad.)

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    You could have got any that fit in the living room any better, Just did an incredible job
    . . .JoeB


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      Hi JM , now that's using your imagination for good results . Definitely a 1 of a kind and conversation starter. Bet the Wife likes what you did with it . Merle


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        Outstanding use of "fog" wood and the piece is fantastic all the way around. Love the transparent top which forces the eye down on the beautiful wood. Rustic has always appealed to me, and you have mastered it there.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Hi JM , I have a Question . Is the Glass Top Stable or is it Sensitive to being Leaned on ? Still a Beautiful Piece. Merle


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            Originally posted by Merle Rice View Post
            Hi JM , I have a Question . Is the Glass Top Stable or is it Sensitive to being Leaned on ? Still a Beautiful Piece. Merle
            Hi, Merle. The glass top is resting on some rubber dots. If you lean on the end, the top will tip. That would definitely be a problem with young children or if we were to have a wild party.

            Another problem is the part that protrudes beyond the glass. I stubbed my toe on that quite a few times in the first week. Then I learned to stay away.



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              Gorgeous piece of work!


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                Beautiful usage of found wood. I like it.



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                  Great practical use of FOG wood!

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