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    A friend in Kansas (I'm in Texas) told me that he had some Osage Orange root from a tree he had removed. His wife was coming to TX to visit her son, so they loaded it in the back of her SUV and she dropped it off on her way through. My friend told me that in return he wanted me to carve a bird for him, and a teacup for his wife (she collects teacups).

    Osage Orange root has the same distinctive coloring as the tree, of course, but it's not nearly as hard. I carved the bird with a knife in about 45 minutes (after cutting out the blank, of course). The cup I did with my Foredom power carver.

    Finish is a coat of mineral oil that I let soak in for a day, then covered with a mineral oil / beeswax mixture, and buffed. Package goes out to my friend tomorrow.

    20190829_221606 (2019-08-30T14_25_53.631).jpg

    My wife saw the teacup and said, "I want one!" Guess I'll be making another teacup. Don't know out of what, though. I think I'm fresh out of Osage Orange. I'm sure I'll find something suitable back there in the wood pile.
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    Beautiful pieces and workmanship, but I won't let my wife see it or she'll also want me to make one. Amazing wood appearance.
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      Nice! How about a fruitwood, cherry--my favorite, apple, peach, etc.?



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        Really nice pieces. Great color
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          Nice work, Jim - that's beautiful wood!

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            I would say you returned the favor in spades, well done, really like the color
            . . .JoeB


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              Really nice pieces, Jim. The wood and color are beautiful.


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                Beautiful work, Jim! I'm sure your friend and his wife love them!
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                  Nice job. I always enjoy seeing work done from osage.
                  Keep up the good work.


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                    Thanks, everybody, for the kind words. Yes, Osage Orange is very beautiful. I don't get to work with it often, but I certainly enjoy it when I can. Come to think of it, I might have a bit more of that root out back on the slab. And I know I have one more block that's about 2 x 4 x 10 (inches, not feet). Will have to think of something to do with it.


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                      Originally posted by Just Carving View Post
                      Nice! How about a fruitwood, cherry--my favorite, apple, peach, etc.?

                      An excellent suggestion. I just happen to have a chunk of pear here . . .



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                        Being just a simple farm boy from Kansas, it took me a long time to figure out that Osage Orange was actually what I called a 'Hedge' tree...wood that is really, really hard, makes good fence posts and is good firewood.

                        Didn't know the roots were 'softer'...good for you! Those are dandy projects!