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The wood is a mystery

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  • The wood is a mystery

    This is a carving I did quite a few years ago. It is a piece of driftwood I found at the mouth of Mobile Bay. I have never figured out the type of wood. It could have come down river from Tennessee or from the south side of the Gulf of Mexico. It is a hard wood. Found wood can be a mystery. It is the natual color with a Tung Oil finish.
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    Under a microscope, wood anatomy is like a fingerprint = there's no mistaking it for any other species.
    Anything less than that is smoke, mirrors and guess-work at best.
    Proper wood identification has been a part of my career since I was a grad student.
    In North America, that's likely one of less than 200 species and I can cut a lot of the northern ones out, off the top.

    Trouble is, that's such a fine carving, I don't care what the wood is!
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      I agree - great carving, Randy!

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        Excellent carving and no idea of what the wood could be...but it is an attractive one, Randy.
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