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    First, This is not my carving! - so no "attaboys" are needed. This cute little deer was given to us by friends who found it a a gift shop somewhere in their travels. It is not identified in any way - carver, wood, time, etc. It could have been carved by Martians for the tourist trade on Earth.
    It could be Maple or Birch (or something else), and it has a burl area at its base. The upper body, head and antlers are non-burl wood. One antler has been added to the figure.
    Most buyers of woodcarvings are interested because it catches their attention, not because they know the carver, like the wood, or collect miscellaneous deer figures. More info might help sales.


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    Alway enjoy the carvings done so they flow from the wood.
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      A most interesting carving, thanks for the post
      . . .JoeB


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        We had an earlier discussion about "carvings for the tourist trade" that may relate to this: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...-tourist-trade It is entirely possible that these carvings in found wood were the output of a large factory of native workers in Malaysia, but this has some fine details (like the treatment of the eyes) that don't match up with cheap output.
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          Nice carving and it almost has a "sea horse" flair to it. Thanks for posting it...
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            Very interesting carving!

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              Nearly all of the carvers working in found wood would say that the wood dictates the design. That is, the shape of the final carving is what the carver "finds in the wood." For most of my carvings, I find a design I like and then look for a piece of wood that will accommodate it.


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                I think that is a pretty clever use of the piece of wood. I like the lines of the piece and the burl at the bottom just adds nicely to the overall look of the piece. Nice one.


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                  the burl at the bottom and the overall color of the wood reminds me of Manzanita...just my $.02
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