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Spots to harvest cottonwood bark in MN or ND?

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  • Spots to harvest cottonwood bark in MN or ND?

    Forgive me, if this is not the right category, new to this forum.
    I've been whittling for a while, and only just recently ordered a handful of gouges(following along Alec Lacasse's course). I went looking for fallen pieces along a river this morning on a walk, none of them were thick enough for carving spirits/faces, with good depth at east. Was wondering if anyone knew some good spots I could go looking near central western ND/western MN. I would also gladly pay to take some off of someone's hands (if this is allowed on the site, sorry mods, couldn't find the rules)

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    Not a bark carver myself but this is where I get my wood and I know they also sell bark.


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      I have some cottonwood bark that I'll send to you if you PM your home address.

      Surplus Wood - Woodcarving Illustrated

      Note: this wood has now been promised to the OP.
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