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Which wood do you carve in USA?

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  • Which wood do you carve in USA?

    Hello dear carvers in USA,

    I live in Germany. Here mostly the wood of the Linde (Basswood) is carved.

    Which wood do you carve in USA?

    Which wood is the best carved wood for you?
    I already carved Western red Cedar, but it is very difficult to cut across the fiber.

    Best regards

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    I carve almost nothing but western red cedar. I can buy it here directly from the mills.
    Carving cross-grain, I must hone edges every 30 minutes or more.

    The best WRC will be straight-grained and no knots.
    The ring count should be in between 20-40 growth rings per 25mm.
    Less than 15 rings is too soft. More than 50 rings is hard but still carvable.

    Many carvers here use basswood (Tilia) which is closely related to your Lime.


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      Basswood primarily, some yellow pine, tried WRC but like you've discovered and RV has mentioned numerous times, it's really hard to carve details in it.



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        Thanks for the previous answers.

        Robson Valley, yes I also carve the Tilia Americana. She is a bit softer than the European Tilia.

        Unfortunately, I rarely get western red cedar in Germany. So I can not choose the annual rings. I have to take what's there.

        How much does the WRC cost in the USA?



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          The WRC costs very little at the mills not far from the village.
          I get to pick the ones I want.

          The price in the city wood stores must be a big cost for travel.
          WRC grows all around me here in the mountains.

          s: 12cm x 12cm x 160cm is $5.00 CDN. (That's 5" x 5" x 64") $20.00 - $40.00 each in a city wood store.
          The software doesn't like the word p-o-s-t

          Blocks: 30cm x 20cm x 60cm is $5.00 CDN. (That's 12" x 8" x 24") Never see these "shake blocks" in any wood stores.
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            Ok, thank you!


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              I would say that basswood is probably the most carved wood of the members
              . . .JoeB


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                Almost all of my work is done in basswood.
                Keep On Carvin'
                Bob K.

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                  Basswood almost exclusively.


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                    A lot of basswood, but I've also carved butternut, sycamore, mahogany, yellow cedar, cottonwood bark, black walnut, aspen, manzanita, poplar, and redwood.