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  • Basswood by the foot

    Something tells me I should know this considering all the basswood Ive chewed up thru the years what i a good price for basswood by the foot? I keep seeing it as 4.90 etc for 8/4 which is meaningless to me, anyway what would be a good price for a 3x3x12 lets say?

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    A lot of mills or suppliers of wood sell it by the board foot. Being mathematically challenged, I use a board foot calculator app on my phone. Some terminology used for the wood thickness: 4/4 (pronounced four quarter) is wood that is one inch thick, generally rough sawn. So 8/4 is two inches thick and if you are looking for three inches thick, you ask for 12/4. Using my handy-dandy calcualtor, a piece of 12/4 that is 3 " wide and 12" long sold at $4.90 a board foot, would cost you $3.68. Heinecke sells a piece that size for $5.50 that is surfaced on all 4 sides and it is properly dried. I bought a nice chunk of basswood (southern basswood) from the hardwood store up the street for a good price and didn't have to pay shipping or any thing! And it has lasted me nearly ten years because it is as tough as nails and I give up every time I start cutting on it. So. the $4.90 per board foot is a good price, quality and shipping costs being equal. But that's the tricky part.
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      8/4 is meaningful. Four quarters, 4/4 is an inch. 8/4 is eight quarter inches thick = 2".

      1" x 12" x 12" is one board foot. that's 144 cubic inches, 12 x 12. 1 bdft.

      I buy a WRC post. It is maybe 20rings/inch, straight grained and knot free.
      It is split to be 5" x 5" x 64", a standard size. that's 1,600 cubic inches. Divide by 144 = 11.11 bdft
      I pay $5.00 for my choice select posts right inside the mill.
      I see $0.45 per bdft. Rock bottom bargain.
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      Supply and demand and quality will determine your basswood prices.
      You have to do a little math to compare the various offers.
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        Dried and planned all around a piece 3x3x12 costs me $5.00 Canadian.
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          I noted on your other post to try Kettle Moraine Hardwoods


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            northwood as a matter of fact i did get ahold of them and they have exactly what i want like a grab box of wood problem is they are 2.5 hours away but on a s[ring day that would be a good drive for me and the dog just have to stop every bit or so would have to buy a carful to make it worth the trip but once you did you'd be set for awhile.