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    I need to find a supplier of walnut gunstock blanks... can anyone help?

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    You might Google Boyd's gunstocks, they might have blanks to sell you. Brownells is another good source, but am not sure if they sell stock blanks. Reinhardt-Fajen gunstocks in Missouri seems to have been taken over by a company called Macon Gun Stocks...their website is

    Fajen was the premier walnut stock maker in the USA at one time.

    With all of the composite stocks on the market, no one seems to appreciate a good figured walnut stock any more. The only other guy I would know about on this site that would appreciate fine wood on a firearm is Robson Valley or BrianT…

    All of my good shotguns, (Browning and Weatherby), sport beautiful walnut...however, my hunting rifles have composite stocks...don't know why, but that is just the way it is!

    Good Luck!


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      Do a google search for walnut gunstocks. Many resources.
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        There are lots of them listed on eBay.
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