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  • Here is something you don't see everyday

    This is going to be a picture frame.

    16/4 Butternut. That board in the lower center of the photo is 10 inches wide.


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    Wow, nice setup and love butternut, fiddlesticks. Please keep the progress posted...
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Holy mackerel Bat Man, this is going to be interesting, how are you going to cut it out?
      . . .JoeB


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        It is certainly a big un!


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          You have a very interesting and ambitious project. You will need help bandsawing the outline.

          Here is a large project of mine that had a similar challenge. The blank included four redwood planks running the full length (7-1/2 ft) of the design. After tracing the pattern on the unglued pieces, I bandsawed the pieces. The cutoffs were used as spacers for clamping. Note: the different colors in the final piece are not the cut lines, only the outline.

          symetry3 (2).jpg


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            That is quite an undertaking. I look forward to following you progress..


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              Wow! You might look into reinforcing the wall you want to hang it on...
              Buffalo Bif


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                Been wanting to do a major frame ...but size of boards and cost is major issue. But I never thought about doing a glue-up...what an awesome idea!!!! Will be following.


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                  ........WOW......(lower jaw on the ground)


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                    Full disclosure: Not my work. It's from the shop that I take my carving class in. It's being going to be carved by the master's journeyman carver.

                    It is a big frame, but the thickness is needed as it's going to have a lot of vigor. As to sawing the shop has a very old scroll saw with a 30 or 36 inch reach. The reach is not really needed for this, but handy on the large panels they do for Iconostasis.

                    This is out of the shop now. It's going to be carved at a residency type thing in AZ, but I suspect I'll see the finished product at some point and I know it's going to be amazing.

                    This wood is at least 20 years in the dry down phase. Go try to find Butternut that large and clean today. Probably not going to happen.


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                      Originally posted by pallin View Post
                      Nice. I like this. There is a simple elegance to it.


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                        Originally posted by fiddlesticks View Post

                        Nice. I like this. There is a simple elegance to it.
                        This was a design by M.C. Escher called "Symmetry Drawing C," later used for "Intersection of Two Planes.)