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Tupelo wood block for sale

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  • Tupelo wood block for sale

    I have a tupelo wood block for sale. It is approximately 13"x6"x4", with bark on one edge. This is very good Louisiana Tupelo, not hard like the North Carolina wood.

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    You might want to put your location in your WCI user profile, so that interested members would know how far it has to be shipped.


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      Good idea! I live in Colorado, zip 81504. The tupelo block weighs about 1.7# per board foot. I have a few blocks of other sizes also. This is by far the best wood for bird carving with grinders. No fuzz, soft and buttery, holds detail and burns well.


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        Tupelo also carves well with a knife if you wet it first.


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          Contact the owner of this site He may be able to help you.

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            I am not in any rush to get rid of it. It is just that I will probably not live long enough to use what I have accumulated.


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              Fantastic decoy Ducky!

              I have some Tupelo that I need to get to a power carver, since I do not work that way at all. I live in BC, so if there are any power carvers here who are interested in getting some Tupelo, we should talk.

              For the kind of work you are doing it is the way to go, but I stick with edged tools. I recently did a carving out of Tupelo just to see how it would work with knives and gouges. Not well in my opinion, but I didn't wet it. I'll have to give that a try.