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    Originally posted by Claude View Post
    That works out to about $8.00/bd ft, Chuck... For spalted Maple... The basswood is $11.67/bd ft.

    Can't win what ever we do ,, but fer whatevver .
    Take care Claude
    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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      Brian T, I can only dream of finding AYC here in upstate NY, at any price. Not sure what my reaction would be to stand in front of a lift of it. Prolly my favorite wood to carve.
      Buffalo Bif


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        I went shopping for Alaskan Yellow Cedar while kayaking and attending a woodcarving event on Vancouver Island, B.C. eleven years ago. The word was "It's all gone to China!" - logs, milling equipment, everything. I was able to buy a couple of 4" x 4"s and a short 2" x 10". There was no prospect of "more coming later."


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          I have to go to the city to buy YC, there's usually a sling of 3" x 6" x 8' "shorts" to pick through.
          Plus the big wood for carving (12" x 16" x 96" and bigger). That's all $6.99/bdft at last look.
          The store has a wood loft for lutheirs (spruce, mahogany, maple, etc bolts, blocks and post/slabs) and a bunch of wrapped pieces of YC and WRC.

          Best is spring shopping for WRC fenceposts, some are fantastic. The wood stores bring in all sorts of stuff for the ambitious fence and pergola builders. Just stay away from the fast growth of 15 rings/inch or less. Very punky, no matter how sharp your edges are.
          Brian T