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    yes, some interesting stuff under boxwood carving. thank you Claude.


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      Hi - I'm a wood turner from time to time - and when living in central CA and in a Redwood forest, the power company came along trimming trees... Cut my 6" Holly Tree down to the ground. It was almost white and like notes here, take the bark off. I turned a beautiful desk set to hold pencils, clips and such. It was a 4 cylinder set. The trunk was fibrous. It was just cut down and turned green. I gently dried it in my microwave once turned - low power short times. I did bowls and did them higher power so I could plasticize the wood and bend in into angular shaped bowl once I finished sanding it. Some woods 'bleed' over itself and stain. Plan on sanding / cutting over that area or painting. Try on some unimportant scrap first. There might be a difference between bush and tree versions. Might be just age. Martin


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        Hi Martin

        Thanks for your info. Great stuff.
        We have a couple of Holly trees in the back garden. One is fairly tall over 10 ft very bushy, and the stems got thick about 3-5 inches, just ideal for making sticks or do some carvings on them. 3-4 year ago, I did some cutting down the branches to make it shorter and trimmed off the tallest branches. So I managed to get a couple of long branches ideal for stick making. They are in the shed, and nicely dried. I took it out and cleared up, and put some linseed oil a couple of month ago. When I was doing that I cut off the end bit of the stick about 2 inches long odd shape, and split at the back. I did try carving a face on it with my flexcut palm tools, and found it very hard wood. I will be doing some carvings on the sticks in the shed sometime. Seem interesting wood to carve with superb detail holding character.
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          Hi Donna
          I am not sure if this is true, but I have heard that the whiteness of the wood depends on the time of year that the wood is cut also. I have never carved it, but I have used it on the wood lathe.