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  • Bucky

    This was a custom 5 1/2 foot Bucky that was ordered and just picked up. Usually most of the ones I do are about 3 1/2 feet tall. I included a few pics of the stages of the process. I really liked it in the natural state, but the customer wanted it painted.
    Take care and carve safe,

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    Hi Bob, You made that Chain Saw Talk . By the looks of the Saw Dust you didn't do this in the Kitchen. Ha,Ha. I agree with you , I like it in the Natural State , It shows off the Cuts better. Merle


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      Nice bear!....I agree with Merle , looks better in the natural state, but you know what they say " The customer is aways right.....especially when they are writing the check"
      what make of chainsaw do you use? I see a lot of red in the background....Jonsered, Redmax, Echo ?
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        Well done the proportions are right on, not familiar with "Bucky" but it must be a school mascot. Again well done.
        . . .JoeB


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          You made the chainsaw talk. I've never heard it phrased quite like that but you sure did make the chainsaw sing. I'm always in awe of this type of carving for many reasons but mainly just the shear size and danger factor involved. Gaining the proper perspective must be challenging to say the least.
          Very cool project.


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            Hi all,
            For as much time as I spend in my barn that might as well be my kitchen, there is a microwave and frig out there under the dust. For as many years I've been carving my wife is a little more tolerant of all the sawdust I track into the house.(Not much though. LOL) Wayne as far as saws I use right now, I'm running Dolmar and Echo. Dolmar has been discontinued here in the states,Makita bought out Dolmar, so when they go who knows what I'll be running. I always get asked what brand saw is good and my usual reply is one that starts and runs when you need it.
            And yes this is the mascot for the University of Wisconsin Madison, Bucky Badger. As far as perspective, I find the challenges to be that your working in the round. No corners to measure off of. Yes you can square it up, but then your potentially taking away material that could have made an arm, hand, or something else.
            Thanks for your comments and carve safe,


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              Hi Bob, I'm with you I like the natural finish showing the character of the wood. Guess the customer wanted something very different....


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                Terrific work! Thanks for the WIP photos!
                Keep On Carvin'
                Bob K.

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                  That's a super chainsaw carving! The Badger fans will love it!


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                    Hi Bob. Bucky looks great. The paint looks great too, to go more with the school mascot idea. I liked it in its natural state, so if it were mine, I'd go that way.

                    I applaud your skill, sir. This is beautiful work.