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Question for chainsaw carvers.

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  • Question for chainsaw carvers.

    I had this tree in my yard that wasn't completely dead (Ponderosa pine), had a few branches with some green needles on it but we decided to cut it down before it started dropping limbs on our house and shed. I left about 9 feet of the tree base, 26" in diameter at the base and about 23" at the top. Also saved a few 7' long sections about 22" in diameter to carve at a latter date. I was wondering if I should seal the ends with anchor seal?

    Should I remove the bark?

    I'm planning on carving this Fall (or should I wait longer?)

    Thanks for any advice. ~Mike
    About 7 foot long and around 22" in diameter.
    Tree01a.JPGTree01c.JPG This is the top of the 9' tree. I was thinking I'd fill the hole in the middle with fiberglass?

    This is about 9 feet tall.

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    Nice wood. If you can't imagine including bark in a design, peel it off.
    Drying logs give off smells which attract bark beetles.
    You don't need the wood damage and you don't need extra beetles.

    You can paint the log ends with anything to slow down the fast water loss.
    House paint, old glue, you name it.
    That should slow down cracking a little but no guarantee of zero cracks.

    To ease the stress of drying water loss, you can split a log right down the middle.
    But if you're intent on power carving in the round, of course not.

    You always see totem poles from one side where the carvings are.
    Chances are, there's at least 1/4 of the log cut out of the back to reduce cracking.
    Maybe cut a 1/4 wedge out of a log piece, "just in case?"
    Brian T